Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speak Asia Update from Speak Asians.

Friends please read the article
The economic offences wing (EOW) of the police is planning to file a chargesheet against tainted firm Speak-Asia in connection with Maharashtra’s biggest-ever multilevel marketing (MLM) scam.

Anand Prasad Mr. Matin Hafiz says EOW is planning to file Charge Sheet in Speakasia case !!!!

Beloved Mr Shelke is also among those transferred . Hope he will file CS before taking new charge

Satya Bachan It is the height of dishonesty of EOW to put these charges on Mr Aman Azad . Whatever they have done in past two yrs is based on dishonesty . Whether they find something wrong is not important , they have to show that something is wrong to support the investigation and ensure their promotion

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zeek Rewards closes headquarters

Rex Venture Group, which operates the online penny auction site and affiliates program Zeek Rewards, has closed its headquarters for the remainder of the week for undisclosed reasons.
The company, known to most as Zeek, posted three signs on the windows of its headquarters at 803 W. Center St. in Lexington by about 4 p.m. on Thursday that stated the office will be closed, telling visitors to “check the website for more information.” As of 6:22 p.m., there was no further information available on or

Both and Zeek Rewards have recently come under the scrutiny of the North Carolina Attorney General’s office, after dozens of users filed complaints and inquiries in the past six months. The company, which is rooted in its penny auction website, has expanded in the past year to let users buy in through an “affiliates program.” Some say the company is a good way to make a little more cash while others condemn it as the makings of a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.
Paul Burks, chief executive officer of Rex Venture Group, could not be reached for comment. Dr. Clifton Jolley, the company’s media representative, also could not be reached.
Details about the closing were conflicting on Thursday.
Dozens of people arrived at the company’s headquarters throughout the afternoon on Thursday, only to find locked doors and confusion. The Dispatch spoke to about eight different people gathered outside at about 5 p.m., all of whom refused to comment on the situation.
One man, who said he was speaking on behalf of Zeek but wished to remain anonymous, said the building was being closed so Zeek could answer inquiries from the Attorney General, made in the form of a Civil Investigative Demand (CID). According to N.C. General Statutes, a CID is an administrative subpoena that can be issued by the Attorney General whenever there is reason to believe a person, or entity, has information that is relevant to an ongoing investigation.
The Attorney General’s office could not be reached for comment on Thursday.
. . .
8/17/2012 – The latest news report is titled, “U.S. Secret Service, SEC investigate Zeek” . . .
The U.S. Secret Service has confirmed it is investigating Zeek Rewards as well as the company’s chief executive officer, Paul Burks.
The Secret Service does not comment on ongoing investigations, Kessler said.
Secret Service agents were taking statements from Zeek Rewards affiliates Friday afternoon at the company headquarters at 803 W. Center St

Amway India Chairman, 2 Directors Arrested

 Negative news is always bad for the company that is the subject of the news.  It is also bad for the reputation of the industry as a whole. The question is, how bad.  That depends on what actually took place. Were the arrests caused by activities unique to one particular company?  Or were they an attack on the model in general.
This first quote is bare-bones so you can’t tell much. Courtesy of
Kalpetta, Kerala: Network marketing firm Amway’s India Chairman and CEO William S Pinckney and two company directors have been remanded to 14 days judicial custody by a local court here.
Pinckney and directors Sanjay Malhotra and Anshu Budhraja were arrested by the Wayanad Crime Branch (Economic Offences) wing from Kozhikode yesterday in connection with three fraud cases registered in Wayanad district.
Kalpetta Judicial First Class Magistrate N Ravishankar last night remanded them for 14 days.
They were booked under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act based on complaints filed by two persons in 2011.
Last year the Crime Branch (Economic Offences wing) had conducted searches at the Amway offices at Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur districts as part of its crackdown on money chain activities.
The company’s godowns in these centres were also closed and goods seized.
It appears that the activities alleged were not typical of those practiced by MLM companies.International Business Times added these details [emphasis mine]:
The arrests were made on a warrant issued in three different cases registered by Wayanad district crime branch in 2011 on charges of violation of the Price Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, Press Trust of India, or PTI, reported, citing police sources.
The arrests were made based on the complaint of a woman who claimed she had incurred losses, due to the company’s fraudulent practices. Four cases have been registered in two districts — three in Wayanad and one in Kozhikode — against Pinckney, a U.S. national.
Amway India Enterprises has been accused of selling low-priced products at inflated rates in the state. Last November, police raided Amway warehouses in various districts of the state and seized products worth 24 million rupees (about $450,000), following complaints that the firm was taking huge sums in advance from customers and representatives. The company’s Kerala state manager Rajkumar was arrested and warehouses were sealed.
Investigators found that the company had forced distributors to buy products at higher prices in violation of the guidelines and the police were working on leads that millions ofrupees collected fraudulently from dealers were invested in the insurance business, according to some media reports.
This report from is more typical [again, emphasis mine]:
 A top official of Economic Affairs Wing (EOW), Kerala, who was part of the operation that led to the arrests, said: “With the call of easy money, they have been luring people to invest. The new members in turn had to get more people and this was leading to illegal money circulation. We had received several complaints against the company.”

There was another case filed by an ex-Amway distributor in 2012, charging the company with cheating. The company officials had received bail in that case. While probing the 2012 case, the police found that goods were being sold at overpriced rates. A product worth Rs37 was being sold to consumers at Rs395.
The EOW had also conducted raids at Amway’s godown in Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kannur and seized goods worth Rs2.14 crore last year.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Speak Asia Update

100s of companies are there around country whose accounts are Freezed due to criminal and fraud accusation. Thousands of Crores of Public money is lying in those accounts years after years. How the banks treat with the money in freeze accounts ? If they can use that money then they are the luckiest party. Because they know that Investigation never conclude so easily and if anything required in the process of investigation then that is only the Khatas, not the physical money. 
If I am correct (I do not know the banking rules) then public money goes to public in the form of LOAN.
Speakasia wants to return the money directly to the public so it is becoming intolerable. History Breaking incident ! So it can not be allowed to happen

Speak Asia - Legal new and updates


Company’s cases in Hon. Bombay High Court with dates:-
*1127/2013 – 08/05/2013
*3210-3211/2011 – 11/06/2013
>Anticipatory Bail Applications Status:-
*Mr. Ashok Bahirwani – SLP (criminal) 3130/2013 in Hon. Supreme Court.
No date is given till now. Interim protection is granted till further orders.
Last heard on 12/04/2013
*Aman Azad along with Tejas Bhatt in Sessions Court, Mumbai.
ABA 174/2013 – 08/05/2013
>Court’s Summer Vacations:-
*Hon. Supreme Court – 13th May 2013 TO 30th June 2013
*Hon. Bombay High Court – 14th May 2013 TO 9th June 2013

Speakasians please respond and give a support mail to

You know that Speakasians are fighting for justice for last 2 years. AISPA, the Govt. registered association of the Speakasian Panelists is taking lead of this struggle. Fight is still going on at different legal forums.
Panelists are asking for justice from judiciary, their hardly earned money & job back. To continue its fight AISPA is seeking your support. Speakasians please respond and give a support mail to If you want to know more about Speakasia’s legal battle & recent happenings kindly visit

SOL-R is no more- Say Good bye

This HYIP seems to be now over. No payments are being made as of when their initial plan expired and principal was due to be returned ( no surprise there).                                                                                                                            
With that said, as far as HYIP’s go, this program paid instantly for 3 months and everyone who joined this at the start when I indicated have reported that they are in profit and enjoyed the program while it lasted….so overall a success but the ride is now over.

Time to consider more long term programs so we don’t have to be back to looking for new programs over and over again.