Monday, July 8, 2013

QBULE is promoting themselves using Speak Asia's Name & Fame

A company named QBULE is trying to use Speakasia’s name for promoting their business they are promoting it by the name of Speakasia Part – 2 …Friends let me clear something that Speakasia matter is already in Judiciary and is under ipc 420 which is a criminal Act mounted on the company…In such difficult scenario it is impossible for a company to launch either by a different name or any PART 2…PART 3…

In order to Launch a new company or a new business module or a new concept…PART 1 NEEDS TO BE JUSTIFIED OR CLEARED FROM THE INDIAN JUDICIARY only then PART 2 …PART 3….PART 4 can be launched by the company…

Writ 1127 which has been filed by the company’s legal team which is for claiming the admin rights and server for which a scheduled date is kept in this month…Indian Judiciary will decide as to whom the server will be given between the two entity – SPEAKASIAONLINE or HAREN VENTURE PTE LTD whomsoever is the authorized person to claim the server…

Another most important thing that will be decided between the company and the Indian Judiciary that whether the entire payments will be cleared or just Exit payments will be cleared…for this Writ 1127 is important…

It has also been observed on 25th June hearing was taken place in which there were some sealed envelopes which was submitted in High Court…now what was inside that sealed envelope it has not been revealed yet…and the envelope shall be witnessed by the Hon judge who shall justify many thing on the basis of sealed envelope submitted

It has also been observed that all those big leaders or panelists who have earned Huge money from Speakasia have avoided the TAXATION and have been underground for long time which is also a major concern for DELAY for all of us …company …Indian judiciary and the investigation agency EOW in filing the Chargesheet…

However it is said and expected EOW to file its Chargesheet soon – ONLY EXPECTED not confirmed yet unless they gather all informations and catch those who have avoided the TAXATION part earned in Speakasia business

So Friends keep your spirit high…be positive as we did not do anything wrong…why to fear anyone…lets stay united and wait for the outcome from the Indian judiciary and we await the Justification for further proceedings in favor of all panelist and the company

Take care of yourself and stay united as many things are yet to be revealed and will update all


Update with the help of Speak Asia Support Group.


  1. What are the latest updates on this case. Looks like the Qbule spreading like virus in India because people always run for easy money.

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