Monday, March 25, 2013

Banners Broker

Some people argue that the fact that the Banners Broker website is still running and the administrator still paying selectively few people out of tens of thousands waiting for their withdrawals means that the system is still working.
If you are one of those that believe that Banners Broker is a huge company that is rocking the internet let me burst your bubble and tell you that Banners Broker Is DEAD!

Speak Asia Update

1. Has Speakasia ran away ?

2. Are fraud companies fighting any where for the sake of their members ?

3. Is there any registered association of any fraud company's members with website?

4. Why Speakasia is still fighting in the Indian Judiciary ?
ANS : Because it's genuine

5. Why front fighters & Speakasia are facing allegations ?
ANS : Because they are standing tall in front.

6. Who will be abused publically ?
ANS : One who will be seen, will be abused.

7. What will be the end ?
ANS : Restart of Speakasia.

8. Will any further arrests effect us ?
ANS : Yes, restart can be more delayed, nothing else.

9. Will any more F.I.R's effect us ?
ANS : Not really but yes more arrests can be done.

10. So what is the conclusion ?
ANS : Options are always available:-
A: Sit idle
B: Wait & watch
C: Put blames
D: Abuse anyone
E: Use aispa as Punching BAG
F: Take charge
G: Have faith & patience
I: Forget it.

Choose any & Be happy.

Speak Asia Update By Aman Azad

Respected Speakasians,
If one will not accept his defeat will not be prepared himself for another round of challenges. Yes, today we have defeated by the state in Hon. Bombay High Court when court rejected AISPA’s Sec. Mr. Ashok Bahirwani’s bail application. But there is enough time to move to Hon. Supreme Court of India. On 25th March 2013 Hon. Judge of Bombay High Court will sign the order & after that within 7 days the Apex Court can be approached.

Same sadness, helplessness & anger was there when Writ 383 & Writ 3611 was gone. Same condition was there when the Session Court has rejected the bail of Mr. Ashok Bahirwani. Yes, we are again & again pushed behind, some made fun, some abused, some didn’t understand, some criticized, some wrongly analysed, some misinformed, some put blames but every time we again came up & stood. Because nothing was done wrong. Honesty & truth makes your will power more strong. When the word “WE” came that means Speakasia, AISPA, Panelists & common people of India.
If panelists or management people put behind the bars, that doesn’t prove that Speakasia is wrong. The real matter is that we are still unable to prove that we are right. That’s why it was said many times that in the court matters no one can predict that what will happen next. In every case we have some beautiful memorable hearings. I’m praying to that “Single Universal Power” that please give us beautiful, memorable & favorable ending of this tough time. Hope for the best.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Banners Brokers and Profit Clicking, ProfitableSunrise Update

Banners Brokers:

 All members should have to set at least 3 Campaigns for earnings. It is not so hard task. Just follow the following steps.

1. Campaign – Manage Campaigns and then Create New Campaign

You have to create at least 2 Blind Network Campaign.

Profit Clicking :

All members those who want to earn from the Premium Package then they have to fund at least 80% new fund and the rest from existing Fund they can use.

From Premium Package members are getting money. All the best to u.

Profitable Sunrise:

Oh No ! I told u that Profitable sunrise could be SCAM. But still I am not telling that they have gone but ………………..

All Hit Deal Locks his Delhi Main Office.

Hey Friends,
                Sorry to update you, but your most trusted brand AHD(All Hit Deals) Shut down his Dehi Office and Directors are ran away. One of mine friend from Delhi Visited the office address and found that the office has been shut down and after inquiring the Security persons and other local people we found that R. Tapas Rai and Sunil Kumar flew away after selling each an every property from Delhi.

     After probing more details which we found was more shocking, Delhi office, Mr.Sunil Kumars resident and Tapas Ray's    
resident every thing was on rent basis. They sold there cars much before flaying away. Even directors didn't show any humanity towards their employees as well. Call center girls  (Customer Care staff) did not get a single penny from their salary same goes to Relation Ship Manager. From Last 3 months pan India RM didnt got there salary, in mid of Feb they just got the Rs.10000 per person as a advanced and after that nothing.
                  I just want to intimate my dear friends that don't be to much demotivated and take care in future before entering any concept.  Its hard to believe that now AHD chapter is over now.
           I will update you on the same as soon as i will get any further details,.