Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Positive Symbols From ALL HIT DEALS.

Some Positive Symbols From ALL HIT DEALS.

Dear Readers,
                Please find the some positive signs shown by company. Kindly find the official release as below.
 This new plan will be effective from 5th March 2013.

How to Join:-

Enroll for internet tutorial course - "Internet a Revolution” for 7000

What you Get
-          Subscription for internet course for a year
-          One domestic Return Air-ticket *
-          Certified Gold & Diamond Redemption Coupon worth 4000
-          Monthly Income from daily activities (minimum 1535)
-          A business opportunity with Multiple Earning Options

Business Opportunity
You can earn up to 5 lakhs per week by referring others

-          Zone one (beginner’s club) – all those who joins (Existing & New) with the internet package will be placed inZone one. You will be eligible for income only for Referring new people. 
       Pair income will be as follows:
Earning from 1st pair (1:1 basis) Reward Points 1250
"           "          2nd pair                   Reward Points 1250
"           "          3rd pair                    Reward Points 1250
"           "          4th pair                    Reward Points 1250
As you have completed 4 pairs of beginners you will qualify for next zone two i.e. Achiever’s Club

-          ZoneTwo (Achiever’s club) – As you have completed 4 pairs of new joining.
You will become eligible for pair income for each Achiever Pair. Achievers Pair income is as follows:
Earning from 1st pair of achiever’s Reward Points 2500
"              "       2nd Pair "       "            Reward Points 2500
"             "        3rd Pair    "      "          Reward Points 2500
"             "       4th pair "       "            Reward Points 2500

As soon as you have achieved 4 achievers pair in your down line, you will qualify for Zone Three i.e. Royalty club, Royalty Club is the highest and permanent Zone.
As a Royalty Club member you will be eligible for 5000 Reward Points for each Royalty Pair under you. Capping for pair income is 5 Lakhs Reward Points per week (Tuesday to Monday)

·         All existing genealogy will be treated as beginner.
·         All will be eligible for new pair income only.
·         Payment for pair income will be credited in your bank account on weekly basis.
·         Achiever level will be started on 18th March and Every Monday then after.
·         Placement in Achiever and Royalty Zone will only be allotted once you have completed the 4 pair’s criteria on first come first placed basis.
For example: If B is a down line of A but B completes his 4 pair of beginners before 18th March but A does that after 18th March now B will become upline and A will become downline in Achiever level. However if A and B both completes 4 pairs in same week or A completes prior to B there will not be any change in existing genealogy (Tree)

Frequently Asked Question???

Q:- What will I get against the joining package?
A:- Internet tutorial program, Return Domestic Air Ticket, Certified Gold & Diamond Redemption Coupon worth 4000/- 

Q:- How many Id can one person take?
A:-  One person can take only one id one IP Address.

Q:- What all documents are required to Join?
A:- Pan card & Address Proof are compulsory to join.

Q:- What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?
A:- Minimum withdrawal is 2000 Reward Points.

Q:- Will there be any transfer to shopping wallet?
A:- No deduction for Shopping Wallet.

Q:- What will be the pair income for new joining?
A:- Pair income for beginner will be 1250 Reward Points per pair upto 4 pair maximum.

Q:- What will happen after 4 pair?
A:- After four pair you will be qualified for Achievers Club.

Q:- What If my downline qualifies for next level before me?
A:- If you will also qualify within the same week before weekly closing then thegenealogy will be same. Else your Down line will be shifted to next zone first.

Q:- Can we get more income through activities in future?
A:- Yes, it can go up to 5000 reward points maximum.

Q:- Is there any direct referral income?
A:- No.

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