Saturday, March 9, 2013

Speak Asia Update

I understand very well the disappointment of panelists as we had pinned lots of hope for today’s hearing. We have been repeatedly advised by our seniors not to concentrate on any particular date but to follow the various cases as the judicial system is so complex that it is is better to take courage for whatever small progress that we make with each date . No magic is going to happen and no one can say with certainty that which particular date will yield the desired results. We have to see all the dates as a continuance of our journey and treat them as such . 
I am surprised that these delays which are routine in nature hamper the faith of so many. The matter of the fact is that our company is deeply engrossed in the legal battle and is very keenly measuring each and every recourse available to it and so is Aispa. If the presence of a strong criminal lawyer is required then we should be prepared to wait for some more days rather than rush in a date where we are under prepared
We so easily forget that the company is taking every cautious step and where we should have full and unflinching faith on our company we find some panelists raising unnecessary doubts where as we are hardly aware of the legal delays which the company is facing at the moment.
I implore all to detach this fight of our company from our personal requirements and think and act accordingly . The problems which we are facing in our daily lives were also there before we joined the company and are just a fraction of the problems being faced by the company. We should detest from making the company or Aispa a punching bag for our daily problems.
When we raise apprehensions we are also guilty of jeoparadising the prospects of a financialy independent future of the entire family of Speakasians.
We should be clearly aware that a most important aspect of our fight till date has been our unity and the opposition is trying their best to break our unity by delaying the matter so that our inherent will power is broken.
I once again implore all of you to remain calm and refrain from playing in the hands of the design of the opposition.
We are sure that we speakasins will have the last laugh…………..
Good Night Friends

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