Monday, March 25, 2013

Speak Asia Update

1. Has Speakasia ran away ?

2. Are fraud companies fighting any where for the sake of their members ?

3. Is there any registered association of any fraud company's members with website?

4. Why Speakasia is still fighting in the Indian Judiciary ?
ANS : Because it's genuine

5. Why front fighters & Speakasia are facing allegations ?
ANS : Because they are standing tall in front.

6. Who will be abused publically ?
ANS : One who will be seen, will be abused.

7. What will be the end ?
ANS : Restart of Speakasia.

8. Will any further arrests effect us ?
ANS : Yes, restart can be more delayed, nothing else.

9. Will any more F.I.R's effect us ?
ANS : Not really but yes more arrests can be done.

10. So what is the conclusion ?
ANS : Options are always available:-
A: Sit idle
B: Wait & watch
C: Put blames
D: Abuse anyone
E: Use aispa as Punching BAG
F: Take charge
G: Have faith & patience
I: Forget it.

Choose any & Be happy.

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