Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Speak Asia Update:ABA 1083/2012

I am aware of the uncertainty prevailing at the moment in the minds of panelists at the moment because of the NK factor. Like an uncertain lover we at the moment are concerned about will he or won’t he. The past action of this person is the basic reason, coupled by his unexpected utterances in the BHC during the hearing of ABA 1083/2012 has created an enigma . 
I implore all of you to understand that the progress of this particular case was very much in the required direction and this particular aspect which seemed so favourable when it happened does not hold the only key . As it is we were expecting some comments by the Hon’ble Judge on
a) the 350 page affidavit by the Company
b) the much delayed confidential report by the investigating agency
c) the fact that Ashok Sir has not been called for interrogation since 16/12/2012
d) the fact that the parties have not been given the copies of Photographs & Brochures as directed by the Hon’ble court which tantamounts to contempt of the Court
If an eyewash was created then it is as clear to us as to Judiciary and the time consuming activities will be frowned upon by the court .
The deadline for NK to file his affidavit expires on wednesday and I am sure that if he files an affidavit 180 degrees to his observations then the Court will realise the shallow attempt to delay the proceedings and then he shall be adequately reprimanded .
So Friends be not be anguished by the delay but be delighted by the progress made howsoever small it may be as it is an advancement on our journey to the final frontier
Mr. Anand Prasad

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