Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Banners Broker

Over the past few months, Banners Broker gas grown at an exceptional rate, generating revenue for thousands of people like you. They are now extremely proud to announce that th’ve surpassed            
1,00,000 affiliates.

Even as BB continue to grow as an organization, their focus will remain on offering the best possible product to all of their affiliates. They hope that you’re as excited as they are for the journey ahead. They’r only getting started
Revenue Sharing Unlimited time

Panels Explained
A panel represents Ad inventory, so in a green panel that costs $270 you have enough Ad inventory to generate $540 of revenue. When you join Banners Broker you purchase panels as part of a package which includes complimentary traffic.
After the panels that are included with your initial package have completed, then in order for them to generate you more revenue they must be qualified with the correct number of traffic hits as seen in the table below.
You can earn sales credits by referring other people to Banners Broker, for example, if you refer a person who purchases a green panel then you will receive a sales credit of 67,500 traffic hits. This means that for every 2 people you refer you can qualify another panel.
You earn sales credits on the sales of all panels whether they are purchased singularly or as part of a package.
The amount you pay for a panel.
Traffic Hits Required:
The amount of traffic required to qualify a panel for payment of revenue.
The amount you earn after a panel receives the required amount of traffic hits.
Sales Credit:
The volume of Traffic Hits credit that you will earn when you refer a person who purchases a panel.
Panel Qualification Limits:
There is no limit to the amount of panels you can qualify with sales credits.
The number of panels you can qualify with purchased traffic is calculated using the Macro table found under Manage Inventory > View Panels in your back office, (see example below). Simply divide the number you see under the appropriate colour panel by the figure you see above in the ‘Traffic Hits Required’ column above.
For example, in the yellow panel of the Macro table above you see the figure 25,000 which you divide by 5,000 being the number of hits to qualify a yellow panel, 25,000/5,000 = 5 panels that you can qualify with purchased traffic.

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