Saturday, February 23, 2013

Empower Network to sue YouTube video flaggers?

Create your own web store- Quick Shopping Cart! In what was a completely random discovery during my daily MLM industry news and research trawl, a few days ago I stumbled across information indicating that Google might have begun cracking down on Empower Network videos uploaded to YouTube. Following the banning of one Empower Network affiliate’s YouTube account, a thread on the Google product forums with the ensuing discussion strongly hinting at YouTube specifically targeting Empower Network. Over the last few days I’ve been looking into the matter more and after further research, turns out this one Empower Network affiliate getting banned from YouTube was just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly when it started to happen, but as far as I can tell YouTube began removing videos about Empower Network or those that featured links to Empower Network blogs in the video description sometime between mid to late January. The earliest example I found of an Empower Network affiliate discussing the topic was on the Empower Network blog itself, dated January 24th - Is there someone maliciously flagging Empower Network videos on YouTube? Hey everyone, just want to drop a quick post to see if anyone else out there is having problems with YouTube and any Empower Network videos? I have noticed people saying more and more lately that their Empower Network videos are being flagged and removed in YouTube and since I have (just) joined, 2 of my 3 are already under attack and I am currently going through an appeal on them. ***Update: by the end of the day, they had denied my appeal, citing spam? These were legitimate posts from my actual blog, NOT SPAM You Tube (geez!)*** Funny thing is that the third video is fine. The only difference with that one is that in the description, instead of having a link directly to an EN blog post, it goes to a capture page. So, I am thinking that they may have our EN blogs flagged perhaps. The two comments left on the article are both from Empower Network affiliates who have had their YouTube accounts banned: Save Now! Go Daddy Standard SSL Certificates for only $5.99! - 300x250

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