Monday, July 8, 2013

Why SAOL matter is being delayed by more than 2 years?

Panelists are confused,
Why SAOL matter is being delayed by more than 2 years?
Some believe the reason is business model which might be considered as money circulation by govt.agencies.
But after carefully studying all the court orders, now it is clear that any of govt. agencies never raised its finger against the business model. Its a different matter that few panelists had treated it as a MONEY CIRCULATION, as mentioned in final order of ABA 1083, over which company had got the clarification over it through its WP 222 in BHC.
A-Few believe that as CS is not being submitted thats why server data can not be availed from EoW.
B-Few believe that, panelist data is not available as the admin rights of SAOL server with EoW.
Above both points A & B are half the truth. but not for those reasons which are being told by leaders of a organisation.
Reasons behind above two point is
A huge amount was being deposited in the account/accounts other than the company account. and this is the fact. and it is not here say for sure. Due to this theft, company just can not proceed for payment, and there after for restart.
So this is the main hurdle, and this is also a answer to that all jokers who are jumping and dancing with all around with a HOARDING of
only to create pressure over the company to make the payment, and there by their deeds can be hided !
The fraudsters who theft the money of panelists, there by of company ,are HANDS IN GLOVE with a organisation.
Investigations is going on over these MONEY which has been stolen very smartly, and these fraudsters are now wishing, since 1st day of SAOL matter, that investigation should not be go on by any investigation agency, and this organisation is doing this job on behalf of these fraudsters. They are shouting for submision of CS.
Why these people are shouting for submission of CS ?
No, they are not after the submission of CS for the interest of we all panelists.
Then for what is the real reason?
Reason is, once the CS submitted, related cases go to trial court , where , as per their one of leaders sayings, proceeding takes time, and cases under trial run for years without end. For adding new accused in the FIR and further investigation becomes difficuilt after submission of CS.In that process, secrecy of investigation can not be mantained, and also can not do any further investuigation freely for new accused to be added.
So these fraudster, through this organisation exploring their ill wishes to stop the investigation and submission of CS , so that the MEN STANDING BEHIND can be hided and can escape.
So, this organisation, in the name of panelists interest, playing with the future of we all panelists on behalf of all these fraudster. But company, law and all the govt. agencies know their game, and they will treat all these fraudster and their all HANDS IN GLOVE on merit basis.
MAIN AGENDA OF THIS ORGANISATION IS EYE OPENER, but now forget it, company and court themself explore their main agenda during the course !
This organisation’s next agenda is to stop the Investigation anyhow
other wise delay the matter as more as possible in the name of panelists interest.
For this, in the name of defreezing their freezed accounts, they availed the support of many frenchisee. But, they should know,this organisation had never capability to get their account defreezed.
Frenchisee , after missguided by this organisation, and impressed by BIG MEN STANDING BEHIND this organisation, in the anticipation of their accounts get defreezed, they have helped this organisation and its men in all possible way, and these frenchisee had got a lot respect from organisation men for the FULL HELP in all respect.
They should understand that, for a solution to a matter, one should contact FATHER instead of his SON.
Yes, few men, who joined hand with this organisation afterwards, and promoted this organisation with all their effort, may or may not be aware of this facts. Because they seems working only on trust, forgetting that in a business , where money is involved, TRUST has a little role to play than to work on figure and facts.
I know, still many are there who will not accept this bitter truth, but for them, only the time is the solution which will reveal all above said facts.
No matter, who accept this BITTER TRUTH or not , but if U think, after realising the truth that there is no FINGER RAISED BY ANY OF GOVT. AGENCY, then why we are not getting our money and why SAOL business is not getting RESTART?, then definately U will smell something odds in the matter for which these fraudster have no true
they are these people who stand only to tell lies
here are we people being cheated by all these fraudster since 1st day of MESS UP !
One thing should know
Honesty and GENUINITY can not be measured only on sayings, when MONEY is also involved along with many other things !
Emotions can not work for a longwhile
there is a money matter !

Source -Harsh Vora shared in Speakasian support group

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