Monday, April 22, 2013

Fast One Way may move from Affiliation marketing to Product Base Network Marketing Company

It may be a bad news for the most of the readers that the "Fast One India Corporation Pvt Ltd" will change there business module and will move from affiliation marketing to product base networking marketing plan. According to one of the director as per the market conditions and after the failure of well known company "ALL HIT DEALS" they will not be able to give the Rs.3000 per month or just view the advertisement and very hard to survived in the market. After analyzing the market situation management has decided that they will change the business module and move to product base company and will do the official announcement very soon. Product range mostly will be below Rs.2000 and that will of daily need items.
What i understand is that the management is guanine and trying their best to run the company. I think they fail to understand the compliance policy and publishers terms & conditions. Without generating average sell it is impossible to earn from affiliation marketing. But i have little much faith that they will come out that and run the company succefully. Just wait for couple of days for official announcement and take decision. 

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