Monday, April 1, 2013

Speak Asia Update

Here begins a new week which will witness the hearing of WP 3210/ 3211 and also WP 1127 in Bombay High Court. Also in Sessions Court ABA of Aman and Mr. Tejas Bhatt will be heard.
Let us pray with folded hands and crossed fingers that the direction these cases take will be in course to our basic destination . Let us welcome each development, however small as an advancement in our journey and at the same treat every debacle, however large just as a stumbling block.
We have to go together a great distance and that should be paramount in our vision. The relief being sought by the Company has to come from Judiciary which however blind it may be is judiciously right in the end. As a Chinese proverb says and I quote " Do not be afraid of moving slow but be afraid of standing still " . The progress how so ever minisicule needs to be applauded and not lamented, and this itself is our motto .

I will not be available very regularly this week as I have some familial preoccupations but I am confident that you will get authentic and fast updates as always in past 
So friends I urge you to channelize all positivity towards our end goal and that is early resumption of our company.

By Mr. Anand

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