Friday, June 28, 2013

A2ZDEALINDIA.COM-Next upcoming Big scam after All Hit Deals

Another "All Hit Deals"????

I think the same kind of concept with the similar name for the website is launched, and that too an Indian site.

I tried talking through the Toll-Free no. provided in their website, it seems that their office is in Lucknow (Shop 36/37, Kazhana Market, Indira Nagar, Lucknow), and that guy said the company is owned by Mr.Agarwal. I asked him how he got this concept, its the same story which AHD told, their owner has 4yrs of experience in Google Adsense (idiots they dont know what Google Adsense does and how its related to the AHD concept, and that too telling me the story...). 

If we can try and find this owner or even the office in Lucknow, we can see if we can get hold of Tapas Rai, because I have a strong urge that this guy is still around. Because they have sent this website to AHD account holders email id, which we asked how they got the id, they said it was sent in random... so surely they have all AHD users profile details.

Also, they are following the same concept which AHD did. The website is in ".com", but the emails are sent from ".net" address of the same domain "a2zdealsindia".

I further ask them with whom you are tie up with for the affiliation marketing. The answer i got which was shocking. They told me that they have a tie up with This company not at all providing the affiliation marketing services like Google Adsense or or CJ. And all these companies are not paying for incentive's traffic. 

For further investigation i tried to speak with there one of the franchise owner in Delhi. As per him company don't have tie up with any company and its a just money rolling skim. He further told me that if you want t earn this is a right time to enter and earn money. Like All Hit Deals they will also do money rolling successfully at least for one year. As per him company purchase the data from AHD or they may hack the website at the end of AHD. Thats why the promotion mails are forwarded to each and every All Hit Deals investor.

I think we need to be smart and stay away from this type of concept and spread the awareness among us. Because at the end we are the only who faces the financial and social loss.


I am also trying to see if I can find someone who is in Lucknow, and check it out. If we can get some group of people, then its always good in a fight-back. 

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