Thursday, June 13, 2013

Speak Asia Mumbai High Curt Case Update.

In the hearing of WP 3210/3211 on 11th June,2013 , Mr Tejas Bhatt , former employee of SAOL, informed the court that he had not filed the above mentioned writs. The case is now scheduled for 25th June before which Mr Bhatt will provide an affidavit of his statement .

Today it is not surprising that TOI has carried an article about the same issue.

The point to remember is that if unknown entity files case in SAOL matter , then it is for court to decide what to do with the case .It has nothing to do with the company SAOL. The court if it wants, can ask explanation from the lawyer representing the case and he can answer . But SAOL has nothing to do with it .

This case was was Quashing /Clubbing of FIR's and no progress has been made in this for almost 2 years ,because EOW was not filing any reply .So case was just getting dates and court can throw in dustbin if it likes .

When CS is filed, consolidation of all the matters can be done at SC level , seperate cases are not required at HC level .

This is all legal daav-paich and not reason for worry for any panelist .

If Mr Tejas Bhatt has filed or forgotten that he filed does not matter ,absence of this case will not affect the matter any longer .We also dont have to do display board counting for this matter any more :). 

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